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Young handsome African American man and Caucasian pretty woman farmers talking while sitting in the green field and picking up their harvest - green leaves.


Healthy lifestyle mockup. Hand holding a smartphone with green screen chroma and preparing a vegan salad with vegetables at home.


Portrait of a beautiful african american girl taking notes in a supermarket looking at the camera and smiling.


Portrait of the young African American happy and good looking male farmer standing in the green field during harvesting in summer and holding a box with mature vegetables.


Back view on the Caucasian happy romantic couple in love standing together in the field at the sunset, hugging and looking at each other. Rear.


A young woman is dancing in the kitchen and drinking juice


Close up of the mature vegetables in the box in hands of the caucasian female farmer, then camera moving up to the face of the beautiful blond woman smiling cheerfully. Portrait.


Close up of the male hands of the mixed-races men farmers with tablet device while they standing in the field and deciding something, then shaking hands.


Happy smiling curly red haired girl blowing candles out on her small birthday cake. Girl Surrounded by her closest friends. Muffled light, garland lights


Close up of unrecognizable chef tossing chopped vegetables from a pan


Couple have a cup of hot chocolate and a romantic conversation in bed on a winter day


Young female preparing fruit juice with blender. Healthy lifestyle.


Portrait young woman stands in front of the camera and smiles in supermarket feel happy girl shopping face retail store. Pretty curly female customer in casual with headphones on neck


Close up female farmer hands in black gloves arranging organic food - salad, potatos, carrots in farm market standing indoors in greenhouse. People, harvesting and shopping concept


Caucasian young blonde woman with short hair in hair taping and texting message on smartphone at festive food track at night. Female waiter or vendor of bar track using mobile phone.


Top view of a frying pan with vegetables that a cook moves. On the table are fruits and vegetables and other ingredients for the recipe.


Portrait of beautiful woman farmer selling organic food in farm market smiling looking at camera standing indoors in spacious, sunny greenhouse. Footage of farmer's food: bread, eggs, salad, carrot, tomatos


Close up of the Caucasian beautiful blond woman in a hat standing in the green field and holding a box with mature vegetables. Portrait.


Caucasian happy blonde smiled woman and handsome man, farmers carrying boxes with their harvest and vegetables through green field on a sunny day.


Young good looking Caucasian man and woman farmers talking while sitting in the green field and picking up their harvest - green leaves.


Half body of a woman with an apron, taking a saucepan of tomato sauce and pouring it onto a thin dough on the kitchen table


Close up of chef hand holding hot pan and adding salt to it with other hand


African american pregnant woman sitting at table talking with a coworker in a meeting room. She is eating a donut.

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Young women and men eating burgers in the countryside. People enjoying a picnic in nature.


Male chef with hand aside, showing an empty space on his palm for advertising or commercial text, smiling and looking at camera. Copy space and black background.


Healthy lifestyle. Preparing a vegan salad with vegetables at home. Top view.


Close up of pretty caucasian worker in black apron and gloves stocking the fruits in supermarket. Young employee in glasses at work. Curly female arranging big red apples on shelf. Slow motion


Portrait of a smiling curly red haired girl making a wish and blowing candles out on her birthday cake. Muffled light, garland lights. Slow motion


Good looking young male baker carrying new portion of the fresh bread to the counter in the morning. Indoors


Two Caucasian cheerful male waiters in aprons and caps standing outdoor foodd truck at park festival. Guys talking and watching something on tablet device. Men using tablet computers at bar track.


Close up of Caucasian beautiful young woman in apron smiling happily to camera outdoors with little food truck bar on background. Portrait of pretty female bartender or vendor at fair in park.


Happy family together toasting and celebrating Christmas dinner.


Happy family together celebrating Christmas dinner at home. Granddaughter with her grandparents.


Healthy lifestyle. Preparing a vegan recipe, cutting tomatoes and vegetables at home. Top view.


Caucasian young woman tells a story to her multicultural group of friends at a dinner party. Multiracial friends reunion.


A young african american woman looking directly at the camera and smiles. Some friends at the bottom. Multiracial friends reunion.


Smiling woman customer paying with her EC card at supermarket checkout and taking her brown paper bag with products from the counter. Female cashier standing in black apron


Young woman in headphones dancing and pretending singing in kitchen at home


Happy cheerful African American family sitting on couch in living room and watching TV together with popcorn. Cute kids with smiled joyful mother and father spending time together at home. Parenting.


African American young pretty and stylish girl in yellow glasses siting in laundry service room. Woman with lollypop reading magazine while waiting for clothes to be washed. Customers on background.