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Caucasian waiter making coffee at the coffee machine while demonstrating this and teaching young new waitress which noting in the notebook

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Smiled waiter and waitress of the restaurant, standing on the street at the door looking at each other and then to the camera. Waitress holding a closed signboard.

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Cheerful Caucasian waitrees and waiter dancing and having fun while working at the bar. Woman making coffee and giving five to the man.

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Caucasian waiter talking with blonde woman at the bar, while a caucasian waitress serving her coffee.

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Rear view of blonde woman using her smartphone to pay a coffee while the waiter serving it and the waitress use the card reader

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Young waiter talking on the phone and scrolling on the tablet device at the bar, the waitress is making coffee behind.

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Young waitress scrolling and tapping on the device and her male coworker standing close and waching the screen at the cafe.

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Caucasian waitress and waiter smiling and watching something on the tablet while standing at the bar in the cafe.

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Portrait of brunette waitress making coffee with milk on the coffee machine and smiling to the camera.

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Blonde waitress watching video on the tablet while caucaisna waiter pouring milk in the cup of coffee at the bar.

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Portrait of caucasian waitress holding cups of coffee and going to the bar while her male co-worker preparing more behind at the coffee machine.

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Portrait of Caucasian waiter and waitress standing and looking at each other, then they turn and smile to the camera

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Cheerful good looking waiter and waitress standing at the bar, talking and watching a video on the tablet.

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