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Lower view of young people performing with korean music

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Dancer group in white outfits performing outdoors

4K 00:25

K-Pop band singing and dancing outside the building

4K 00:13

Dance crew rehearsaling with K-Pop

4K 00:11

Young dancers moving to the sound of korean pop music

4K 00:10

K-Pop singers finishing the rehearsal outdoors

4K 00:06

Young band dancing outside the building at sunset

4K 00:24

Dance crew at the end of the dance rehearsal

4K 00:11

K-Pop band practicing coreography

4K 00:11

Young crew dancing in white outfit outdoors

4K 00:17

Group of K-Pop dancers rehearsaling the end of the show

4K 00:06

Five dancers performing in white clothing outdoors

4K 00:15

Cheerful people in dance rehearsal outside the building

4K 00:09

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