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Young girl looking at camera, showing her toung and doing homework

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Brunette mother in sporstwear teaching yoga to her daughter with down syndrome at home

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Woman holding hands of her down syndrome daughter for teaching her a yoga posture

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Mother and daughter sitting on yoga mat, doing yoga posture

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Young girl with down syndrome imitating her mother doing yoga posture at home

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Young girl practicing yoga with her mom at home and closing her eyes

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Mother and daughter doing bhujangasana posture on yoga mat at home

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Woman teaching and helping young girl with flexibility

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Young girl stretching on yoga mat with the help of her trainer

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Woman helping girl with flexibility at home

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Young girl doing urdhva dhanurasana posture with the help of her mother

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Trainer in sporstwear lifting young girl to do the yoga wheel pose

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Girl in sportswear doing urdhva dhanurasana pose while her mother helps her

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